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22 malcom ave

Air Jordan 10 Ovo. These are extremely limited edition sneakers and every true “sneaker head” needs these.They are 200% authentic or money back guarantee. I do not sell fakes only legit products. I will be shipping via USPS express mail ONLY. Willing to accept offers plus trades. TIRED Of scammers and resellers ruining the sneaker game. It’s time for a change in the sneaker game. Contact me and do not miss out first come first serve (949)392-6130.

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  • I did not purchase from this guy directly from this website but found him here and decided to further contact him to possible do a trade. I offered him a sneaker for sneaker trade plus cash I would give to him. We agreed on the deal> He seemed very worried that I wouldn’t send the shoes, that only he would send shoes and he would get scammed. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, I sent my shoes and cash a day later. He was unable to “send” the kicks that same day. The next day he said a coworker “sent” the shoes and he gets free one day shipping but because it was a Saturday they might not be able to be sent that day. He gave me a tracking number that said wasn’t activated but he claimed that it would be activated on Monday. Skip a couple days ahead, it’s already Monday night and I check to see what’s going on with the tracking number. It continues to say that that this tracking number doesn’t exist. Oh well, maybe its just the wrong number. Keep in mind that my shoes have already been delivered. I ask him to check that Monday night and he said he’d be sure to check. I haven’t gotten a response from him yet!! HE was the one that was worried I was a scam but it was him all along. He clearly has the kicks because of the photos but just never sent them to me. Very disappointed because just gave away a very nice pair of kicks and I only have 2 pairs of shoes, now only 1 because of this scammer. Truly disappointed